Participant Quotes:


"I understand that the control of my life is in my hands and not in someone else's hands… and that control of other people's lives is not in my hands…" (G, Ashkelon)

"You sat us on a swing and gave us a strong upward push, from this point, we can now swing on our own" (D. family, Kiryat Ono)

"It took a year until the 'penny dropped', a year until we understood that we don’t have to be on the 'needy' side, but that we can be on the 'giver's' side. A year ago we would have come for the food coupon, now we are getting to know our strengths that will help us to succeed on our own (C. Family, Jerusalem).

"I feel like I was in a sort of coma for years, and now… now I am waking up to life" (A. Ashkelon)

"It was like living in a can of pickles… I feel like I have extracted myself out of that place" (A. Ashkelon)

"The crisis situations remain the same, but the love between us has become stronger and this has helped us to better deal with the crisis situations…" (M. Family, Ashkelon).

"After the divorce I didn't know who I was, where I was and what will become of my children… I even considered sending them to foster care… today I am confident in myself and know how to manage financially on my own … " (A. Jerusalem)

"We discovered that we have the courage to make decisions that don't always fall in line with the viewpoint of the family. Today we take care of our matters ourselves instead of acting without thinking" (A. Jerusalem)

"I sit in the afternoon, drinking my coffee without worrying that someone will knock on the door and ask for the money I owe them. I didn’t believe I would ever reach this stage in my life…" (K. Family, Beer Sheva)

"We have learnt to find the solutions within ourselves; we learnt to develop listening skills and faith in the powers existing in the family…" (B. Family, Jerusalem)

"I no longer feel like a little women as I used to, no longer scared that I will be told what to do, when to cook and when to clean the house – now I am master of my home… (R. Ashkelon)

"I have learnt to face the truth! If I have 5,000 shekels, that is what I must live on and not more, and if I am in debt – I must settle it not ignore it" (M. Ashkelon)

"Since meeting Katef Le Katef, I feel like I am climbing stairs… today I feel confident, I have faith in myself… I believe that I will succeed in whatever I do, and I am able to think for myself… I am in charge of my life, I have been given freedom" (A. Jerusalem)

"Today I understand that my financial conduct was managed from my heart and not my head…" (S. Beer Sheva)