Kidum Program

Katef Le Katef accompanies families through the Kidum (advancement) Program, which provides close guidance to families in distressed situations according to the unique Katef working model. The program operates by means of “Katef Centers” in the various locations, each comprising 15-20 families and a qualified family mentorwho accompanies the families for the duration of the program. At the beginning of the process, each family and the mentor jointly formulate a vision for that family and develop a work plan that includes measurable goals, based on four main features of family life. These four aspects are typically at the root of the family's crisis, they are also at the heart of a potential solution:

  • Quality of life – health, food, clothing, furniture, house repairs and maintenance.
  • Proper Economic management – A plan for the economic recovery of the domestic budget and the sensible use of family funds.
  • Education – academic assistance, tutoring and enrichment activities for the children, activities enhancing parental authority and strengthening the parent-child bond.
  • Employment – professional training, assistance in finding appropriate employment and academic qualifications.

Each family and its mentor meet on a weekly basis looking into each family's particular needs, identifying weak and strong points as well as the major factors preventing it from achieving independence. The first year is dedicated to providing practical tools for coping and growth, helping the families make wise choices and teaching them to take control over their own lives, all under the close and ongoing guidance of the family mentor. As the program progresses, the responsibility is gradually transferred onto the family itself, and the second year focuses on internalizing a perception of physical, emotional and mental independence.

The impact or our program is wide reaching, not only helping individuals and families gain financial independence but also lowering the financial burden and time investment of the welfare authorities. While many NGO’s provide a “band-aid” solution subsidizing the costs of household items, rent, etc., Katef Le Katef is the only organization providing holistic and multi-dimensional intervention, and using a model which accompanies the families with the ongoing involvement of the families themselves. Thus the families are actively involved in assuming responsibility for their own future, and in most cases, this will be the last time these families will require welfare assistance.

We have results! See the 'testimonials' page where you will find stories filled with inspiration about families who made the change.

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