Netivim Le'taasuka

Path to Employment (Netivim Le'taasuka)

Netivim is a unique nation-wide program established by Yedidut Toronto as a response for single-parent mothers with at least one child under 31 months, wishing to integrate into the workforce, who are barred from doing so because of their inability to afford the day-care tuition fees for their child. The program allows mothers participating in the program to reintegrate into the work force, to acquire independence and earn a respectable living while providing their children with a safe educational environment. The program includes several paths to which the women are referred according to their needs:

  • Basic path – providing tuition fee subsidy only and for a limited period.
  • Occupational path – providing tuition fee subsidy for a limited period together with occupational guidance and assistance, accompanying the mothers until they find suitable employment.
  • Academic path – providing tuition fee subsidy for the entire period of vocational training or academic studies.

Since 2007 to date, some 1500 requests have been submitted to the Netivim Le'taasuka program. Some 900 women have been accepted into the program, with over 50% of them integrating into the workforce and day-care subsidies provided for some 1400 children.

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