!Shana Tova

Dear Friends, over the past year, thanks to the valued support of our partners and close collaborations with the Welfare authorities and other bodies, we have been able to reach out to hundreds of families in need throughout Israel. Families that were previously completely deponent on the welfare services and survived through donations and government aid who never imagined a different reality are now holding their heads up high and realizing that change is possible for them and that financial independence is a reachable dream. They joined thousands of Katef graduates who are integrated in the work force, managing a balanced household and leading independent lives.

We are proud to share with you some figures from the past year showing our diverse activities, and in this opportunity to thank our significant partners in Kidum and Netivim L'Taa'suka programs Yedidut Toronto לוגו_ידידות_טורונטו

Kidum: Since the beginning of January 2017, over 350 families are currently accompanied through the Katef Mentoring Program, operated in 24 centers nationwide.

South: Yerucham, Beer –Sheva, Hof Ashkelon, Mitzpe Ramon.
Center: Yehud, Ashdod, Yafo, Shapirim, Bat Yam, Ali, Kiryat Ono, Shafir Regional Council.
Jerusalem: Gilo, West, North, Klita (Absorption) Center, East, Keidar, Ir Ganim.
North: Ma'a lot, Acco, Haifa Krayot, Netanya, Karnei Shomron.
22 families are accompanied in the framework of the 'Industry Program', through the 'Central Drinks Company' and 'Fibro Israel'.

Two other important initiatives include:

Netivim L'Ta'asuka ("Path to Employment): over 400 women received subsidization of day care centers, employment counseling and utilization of rights for single mothers living in poverty. In collaboration with Yedidut Toronto. These days the program team are working on adding another 400 new women to the project.

Yachdav ("Together"): Guidance and training for social workers employed at the local council to work with populations living in poverty. In collaboration with the Welfare Department. More than 60 social workers from all over the country participated in the professional conference in honor of the 30th anniversary of the program.


A calculation to examine the return on investment in the Katef Le Katef working model for the mentoring program was carried out this year.


During the year a new board of directors was elected.
We congratulate the new chairpersons and members of the Board and thank Yossi Maimon, the first chairman of Shoulder to Shoulder for years of extensive and meaningful activity to reduce poverty in Israel.

Board of directors
In anticipation of the coming New Year, we would like to end with words of Yael from our program in Jerusalem:

“I thank Hashem repeatedly for the privilege of having a social worker to lead me to Avi from Katef Le Katef. My entire family witnessed the positive changes that took place in my life. I thank you sincerely for changing my life entirely from darkness to light and from agony to joy. I would like to thank each and every one of you , who are behind Avi, and bless you with all the good in the world, and especially that you will be able to continue to save dear souls who wish to succeed in life but don’t quite know how. With deepest gratitude Yael”


L’Shana Tova
Katef le Katef