Training and Knowledge Center

During 10 years of activity, Katef Le Katef has accumulated much knowledge and experience in intervention methods in the field of poverty extraction. Specifically, our expertise lies in the focus placed on leading processes of change for individuals and families dealing with poverty and the development and implementation of result-orientated intervention methods. In order to preserve this knowledge and share our experience and expertise with others in the field of poverty intervention, we established in 2012 a Training Center, aimed at developing and passing on the principles and working model formulated by the Organization.

The Center was established under the guidance of SIT – Developing Creative Thinking, and IMPROVE-IT for the development of instruction in organizations

 The Center's Activities:

  • Training for staff/volunteers in organizations working with populations dealing with poverty.
  • Ongoing supervision for instructors and social workers.
  • Professional seminars in a wide array of topics for social workers and families in Social-Services departments.

Each application is unique and therefore each training course is constructed individually according to the specific needs of the applying organization.

 For more information, please contact Ella Ben Zaken, Director of Training

Email: , Tel: 08-6420622